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This is Amy + Michelle

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Mojo Mama

This am I got my Mojo going strong.

 Mojo (Moe-Hoe) Noun. A Cuban seasoning of garlic, onion and citrus used as a marinade or sauce.

My Mojo Pork recipe produces tender, tangy meat. This recipe can not be messed up, anyway you make this pork is amazing. But there are a couple little things you can do to elevate the dish from amazing to out of this world. I will give you the basic recipe and then share my tips and tricks. Go grab yourself some pork, have your buds over this weekend and get their Mojo going!

Mojo Pork

Boneless Boston Butt
Dry Mojo
Mojo Marinade
Orange Juice
Fresh Limes and Lemons
Yellow Onion

Generously season pork with dry mojo. Marinate over night covered in orange juice and sliced fresh lemons and limes.The next day, discard the marinade. If there was butchers twine on the pork I remove it now. Place pork in a dutch oven or crockpot. Season with more dry mojo if necessary (you can't put too much). Throw in sliced onions and garlic. Submerge about halfway with mojo marinade. Cover and cook. After a couple hours cooking flip the meat. The pork is done when it is falling apart tender. Remove any floating fat chunks and serve with the juices over yellow rice. I usually serve it right in the crockpot with tongs handy and a large spoon to get the juices (or as we like to say the mojo pork gravy).


◆ Why Boston Butt? Boston butt is actually from the upper part of the shoulder area above the front leg on the pig. Because of the fat content it can withstand a wider range of temperatures and doesn't dry out as easily as other cuts. You can get it bone in, I occasionally do, but it doesn't change much in this application.

◆ I didn't give any measurements. Everything depends on how big of a Boston butt you get. How big of a Boston butt you get depends on how many people you are serving and most importantly how big is your dutch oven or crockpot? Will it fit a 11 pound pork butt and 32 ounces of marinade to serve 8 -10 people? If the pork is the stand alone meal I figure 1 pound per person (the pork cooks down quite a bit and that leaves a little wiggle room for leftovers. Also factor in if you have any big eaters... There is one in my group lol). If it is one of a couple meats for a buffet set up I figure 1/2 pound per person (it is usually one of the most popular items).

◆ The orange juice you use for the marinade makes a subtle difference. A slightly pricier, not from concentrate juice adds a zestier flavor. My favorite is Simply Orange.

◆ Hands down the best mojo seasoning is made by Konriko and best mojo marinade is a tough one but I would say I like Badia best.

◆ 1 sliced yellow onion and a few fresh garlic cloves added to the mix adds some flavor, but is especially nice to be able to enjoy with the pork if you are making sandwiches or serving it over yellow rice. Leaving the onion slices large, picky eaters can easily avoid the onion 'chunks'.

◆  Cooking time is 4 - 4 1/2  hours at 300 degrees in a large dutch oven in the oven or all day in the crockpot on low. The pork is good cooked in the crockpot, but in my opinion, comes out a little better in the oven. If you are having a party you can easily transfer the pork into a crockpot to keep warm before the guests arrive.

◆ For a tasty flavor combination, enjoy a little cilantro with a bite of pork.

◆ Try pork leftovers on sandwiches with BBQ sauce or with eggs Benedict, instead of Canadian bacon.

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