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This is Amy + Michelle

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Taste of Barbados

This A.M. I am still tanned from my cruise. All last week Steve and I were on an Eastern Caribbean cruise and one of the nicest days on the trip was in Barbados. Before we even got to the gorgeous island that is governed by England, I already knew what I wanted to see and do. It mostly revolved around food and drinks, naturally.

The first thing we did in Barbados was headed over to Mount Gay Rum, which has been doing their thing for about 300 years. For the tour they charge $8 and it starts every half an hour from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm on week days and is 45 minutes long, including a rum tasting. We learned that the rum is exported to 170 countries and territories, and astonishingly the people of Barbados (population about 300,000 people) actually consume 25% of the rum! The best selling rum in the company is the Mount Gay Eclipse, which the locals enjoy in rum punch and the second best seller in the company, number one seller in Barbados, is the Mount Gay Eclipse Silver, popular mixed with coke or used in mojitos. Both rums are aged in Whiskey barrels, the silver is filtered after the aging process.

I really enjoyed the tour and afterwards we went to the laid back bar at Mount Gay to have rum cocktails served by the fun local bartenders. I can't remember the name of what I got (go figure, drinking and memory loss go hand in hand it seems) but it was a delicious coffee drink. I watched him make it and here is the recipe of how he put it together (to the best of my recollection...wink):

Mount Gay Rum Coffee Cooler

4 oz coffee (cooled)
3 oz Mount Gay Rum
1 oz half and half
Chocolate syrup

Coat inside of glass with chocolate syrup. Mix all other ingredients with ice in a shaker and pour into glass. Top with a cherry and enjoy!

More Mount Gay Cocktail recipes here.

After Mount Gay it was off to find Ju-Ju's. This off the beaten path beach bar that I had found on the internet before our trip proved hard to find. All I knew from my research was it was next to The Royal Palm Pavilion. Not a single cab driver knew of it and I had no cell service so I couldn't Google it. So we just headed towards the Royal Palm and when we go there after asking three people on the street we found out it was behind a green house we were about 10 feet away from.

After a 50 feet walk down the little ally behind the green house we found Ju-Ju's. I am so glad we found it, situated on a beautiful beach that wasn't over crowded (F.Y.I. it was off season in Barbados), where we relaxed for 3 hours. With the Royal Palm close by you could rent jet skis and snorkel gear, also there was also the cutest boutique, The Star Fish Hut, right next door owned by an English lady with the last name of Clark.

At Ju-Ju's we met Joanna, whom I asked if she was the owner. She replied "it depends" with a laugh and asked us if we were enjoying everything as she cleared our empty locally brewed Banks beer bottles. We ordered the flying fish sandwich and fries.

The flying fish was absolutely awesome and so was our relaxing day on the beach. When it was time to leave it only took 20 minutes to get back to the cruise ship in Bridgetown, where back on board, on the top deck, we said farewell to Barbados, promising ourselves we would be back for more flying fish at Ju-Ju's.

No sigh of Ju-Ju's

"Mackers, where are you taking us?"

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