This is Amy + Michelle

This is Amy + Michelle

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Amy and Michelle became instant friends because of the common interests they share in their love of fashion, food, music and traveling. In This A.M. Amy and Michelle will share recipes, thoughts on eats, their unique fashion style and lifestyles from Toronto to Tampa...... 1,098 miles apart!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tomato Basil Dip

This A.M. The kids are going back to school, Woo Hoooo! Some peace and quiet during the day! Last night lunch packing was a cinch because I found these amazing dips at the CNE.  Veggies and dip make a great lunch snack right?  You might be thinking I am going dippy, or perhaps you already think I am! But these dips are so flavourful, even the pickiest kid would eat any veggie dipped in these!  

The great news is they are available online so I couldn't resist recommending them.  Now I sound like an infomercial, but I have come up with a thousand and one ideas for these mouthwatering savoury dips. Lunch Snacks, Party Appetizers, Baked potato Topping, Salad Dressing, Pasta Sauces, Cheese Ball, the list goes on.
Maybe I should warn friends and family members ahead of time ~ you may get a few packages yourself during Christmas from me. 
Tomato Basil Dip Makes a Yummy Pretzel

To order online

So simple ~ just add the package to sour cream and mayo!

Habanero Cheese Flavour

Tomato Basil Dip

All Stars Tomato Basil Dip

1 Cup Sour Cream, 1 Cup Mayonnaise, 1 pkg. Dip Mix. Cover and chill 1-2 hours or overnight for best flavor. Will stay fresh until the expiration date on the sour cream container you use.

For a delicious pizza, Mix Tomato Paste and 1 Pkg. All Stars TOMATO BASIL and a few drops of virgin olive oil and spread it on unbaked pizza crust.

Top with your favourite cheese and toppings and bake in hot oven until pizza crust is golden colour. Instead of Pizza, make it on cut open face French Rolls. Delicious (Quick & Easy) Enjoy!

*Ingredients: Dried Onions, Tomato Powder, Premium Garlic Powder, Basil, Salt, Parsley Flakes

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