Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mayor's Food Truck Fiesta

This A.M. it is back to work after two days off. Since I had the day off yesterday a few friends and I were able to join the fun downtown at the Mayor's Food Truck Fiesta one year anniversary at Lykes Gaslight Park. Mayor Buckhorn started the event November last year and it is a favorite lunch time event for many who work downtown on the first Wednesday of every month.

Going in I knew my good friend Tasty Stacy was going to be there, but I decided it was time to try one of the 10 different food trucks. When we got there we all said hi to Stacy and I got one wiff of her delicious Italian food and just couldn't go with out her famous chicken cutlet sandwich! Maybe I will try a new truck next month... or not..... By the way, did I mention the chocolate chunk cookies Stacy has?

Tasty Stacy on Urbanspoon


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