Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Buffet

This A.M. I now know that there is no need to bother with any other buffet. After having The Buffet at the Wynn Las Vegas I am completely spoiled. Not that I wasn't already....

When you enter Wynn, one of the classiest joints in Vegas, just follow the signs winding you through the tables of craps, blackjack, roulette and endless slot machines to the Buffet. Although not cheap, be sure to get there before Noon for the weekend brunch, as people will queue up very quickly for the endless food, deserts and champagne. Covering the gamut with specialties such as Asian, Italian, seafood, classic breakfast, deserts, gelato and of course a carving station... there is something to please all your cravings. The highlights for our group were the red velvet pancakes, cinnamon roll French toast, apple jalapeno chicken sausage, yellow tail ceviche and the congee.  All eight people at my table went and got seconds of the cinnamon roll French toast and it is something I will definitely be recreating at home. Congee was new for me. Discovered at the Asian station, it is kind of Chinese rice porridge that was topped with pork sung (roasted pork that is dried out and shredded until fluffy), crispy shallots, chilli sauce and cilantro. 

As Ron put it, "If you are going to go to only one buffet in your life, you have to go to the buffet at Wynn."

The Seating Area
Sausage Station

Yellow Tail Ceviche

Cinnamon Roll French Toast

The Buffet on Urbanspoon


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