This is Amy + Michelle

This is Amy + Michelle

This A.M.

Amy and Michelle became instant friends because of the common interests they share in their love of fashion, food, music and traveling. In This A.M. Amy and Michelle will share recipes, thoughts on eats, their unique fashion style and lifestyles from Toronto to Tampa...... 1,098 miles apart!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


My good friend Conchi works Downtown and whenever I can, on a day off, I meet Conchi for her lunch break. There are several great lunch spots in Downtown Tampa, but we can't seem to go anywhere besides Bamboozle Cafe.

Bamboozle Cafe serves modern Vietnamese food, specializing in fresh spring rolls. You pick your meat, they add noodles and shredded greens then you pick four veggies to finish it off. They hand roll your lunch right in front of you. They also serve noodle salads, Pho, sandwiches with a Vietnamese twist and other fresh, delicious and healthy fare. And for 75¢ you can have a yummy homemade mini carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting for desert. Those carrot cupcakes are extremely hard for me to pass up.

Probably my favorite thing at Bamboozle Cafe is their homemade peanut sauce, which I was told is Vegan. I am not by any means a healthy eater, but I could eat Bamboozles spring rolls every day and the peanut sauce by the bucket full!

After lunch I got Conchi to partake in a little 'This A.M. style' fashion shoot. She looked so cute and professional in her grey suit, red pumps, Micheal Kors bag and Tory Burch shades!

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